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Optimizing potential. Maximizing profits.

All Service One is a one-stop shop for fleet service and support solutions. Extending the existing capabilities of the Wrightbus aftersales business, we are ready to diversify beyond our traditional markets by optimizing uptime, reducing costs and future-proofing your fleet for transition to net zero. We have three key areas of expertise.

Parts Sales and Distribution
Repair & Refurbishment
IoT-based Maintenance
We understand that the guaranteed availability of spare parts is critical to your continued productivity and success. Therefore, we ensure a sophisticated and networked spare parts stockholding service. We exist to improve your bottom line and reduce your operational costs with the help of our distribution partners across the UK and beyond, thereby paving the way to greater profitability.
The cost of retiring and replenishing fleet vehicles adds up rapidly. Therefore, All Service One enhances the lifespan of your fleet by providing full refurbishment plans, and repairs on day-to-day wear-off and accident damage to help you get back on the road. We also specialize in the mid-life refurbishment of vehicles. Our skilled technicians refurbish your vehicle, to restore it to an almost new condition.
We use concrete data-driven insights to reduce your environmental impact and drive your sustainable fleet strategy forward. With the help of our state-of-the-art telematics technology- Uptime 365, we keep your fleets running at peak performance. Our predictive maintenance services reduce vehicle-off-road incidences, helping you be your best every day.
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The global leaders in smart fleet management

AI Telematics

Keeping your fleet running more efficiently and for longer

Equipped with live GPS tracking & vehicle analysis, our telematics system, UPTIME 365, does exactly as the name suggests. The AI-based system provides effective data analysis and can alert when a bus needs preventive intervention, saving on maintenance costs. It results in increased productivity and less downtime, leading to more efficient growth. UPTIME 365's primary purpose is to provide value to your business by maximizing the capacity of your fleet.

  • Reduced Downtime

    Real-time AI technology that learns for itself.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    5,000 sensors monitor performance on visual dashboards.

  • Enhanced Fleet Performance

    From fuel economy to cost management, make the most of it.

  • More Cost-Effective Maintenance

    Predictive maintenance reduces servicing costs.

  • Complete Fleet Maintenance

    Reviews age and technology compatibility of your fleet.

  • Fault Prediction

    Predictive maintenance with customised alerts and real-time monitoring.



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